Arnold Imaging specializes in visualizing sustainability solutions for the built environment. Founded on the principal that visualization is a powerful catalyst for positive change, Arnold Imaging blends the art of storytelling with computer generated imagery to paint vivid, emotionally compelling pictures of sustainable lifestyles before they exist. Since their founding in 1998, the company has helped launch more than $6 billion in smart growth developments and sustainable technologies for organizations including the American Museum of Natural History, General Electric, and the New York City Housing Authority. In 2000, they helped New York City’s Museum of Natural History raise the funds to renovate the Hall of Ocean Life. In 2003 their work enabled a $900 million development in Kansas City to secure the financing necessary to redevelop nine blighted blocks of downtown Kansas City that has since sparked a renaissance of walkable urban development in the Midwest. The company has also raised more than $150 million for museums and universities over the last decade.

The Baum Foundation is recognized nationally (US) and internationally as a non-profit organization working in the field of sustainability and the environment focusing on oceans and climate change. Founded in 2003 as a 501c3 public charity, The Baum Foundation has worked globally to improve the quality of people’s lives by supporting programs that build awareness, shift public attitudes, and expand implementation of sustainable solutions for the environment. The Baum Foundation works collaboratively with NGOs globally to improve the health of the planet and the human condition, supporting important environmental programs that restore and sustain the environment, planning for a better future. Our objective is to advance public awareness and implementation of sustainable lifestyles and solutions thus creating the building blocks for a successful future where there is equity for all. The Baum Foundation has worked closely with UNEP and UNDPI, serving as a volunteer and collaborative partner, since 2005.